Volunteer FAQ


What's the typical time commitment required TO PARTICIPATE IN A PROJECT?

We try to keep everyone's contribution between 5-10 hours per week.  Part of that estimation includes pizza-fueled discussion during weekly in-person build sessions.  If that's not a fit for you (maybe you're not local or have kids, or you just like to work alone) we can scale your participation to fit your lifestyle.  

For some of our most experienced participants who have very demanding work schedules, it may be helpful for us to have your input as a consulting expert.  Many of our workshops or build sessions include special guests to help shed light on a solution as the story of the project unfolds.

What happens if I commit now and MY AVAILABILITY CHANGES?

Don't worry, we won't die. 

Just let us know ahead of time what constraints or black out dates you might have, and if we have a bit of notice we might ask that you onboard your replacement. 

I See project themes listed, but not project descriptions.  WHY AREN'T YOU TELLING ME MORE?

The reason we haven't listed project descriptions is because we are still in our strategic phase of figuring out what the scope and specific build plan of the project will be.  We have partners associated with each project to provide data, insight, and support, but we're still knitting together exactly how we want to treat this information. 

We're asking that you trust us that it will be cool, and we promise, there really is a plan.  We know that things change rapidly during the first several weeks of understanding a project, but it's important that we begin building and on-boarding our core team simultaneously as the pieces come together.

We may eventually find a way to solve this, but for now it's the price to pay for being lean and agile. 

If you are interested in influencing or watching the master plan take form, or to have a chance to meet some of the leadership, don't hesitate.  This is one of the most exciting times of the entire process.  

How do I know which roles ARE AVAILABLE?  WILL YOU POST THEM?

We place team members primarily based on the skills they have and the experience they want to have working with us.  When you fill out the application to be in the volunteer bank, we'll ask you a few questions and we may reach out to you with several roles that we think might be a good fit.  If you want to pitch US on a role, shoot us an email and let us know what you're thinking ;)

I WAnt to get involved, but I'm not sure what I can do

Send us an email or fill out our application, and we'll start from there.  The most important thing we look for in volunteers are people with an excitement for tackling tough challenges around information and a willingness to learn. 

Can I just drop by a meetup and work for an evening without coMmitting?

At various points throughout the year will have Hackathons and open build sessions that encourage causal contributors.  When working on complex project with a lot of moving parts, the thing that helps us keep our sanity is tight-knit team work and dedicated on-boarding.  We do on-board new volunteers all season, but we try to do so in a consolidated way. 

Hack Oregon tends to not be as meet-up focused or drop in friendly as other tech groups around Portland.  

EXCEPTION: If you find us on Github, and our documentation is good enough that you feel you can lend a hand, you're a hero. 

My company wants to sponsor engineers, designers, or storytellers to work on hack oregon projects.

Great!  We love that. 

email catherine@hackoregon.org

I am an engineer/designer/storyteller that would like to be sponsored by my company to work on Hack Oregon projects.

Great! We can help you make that pitch.

email catherine@hackoregon.org