Summer Term 1 Courses

Coming June 2017


Summer Term Dates: June 26th - August 22nd (1 week break 7/24-7/28)


Web Cartography

LEVEL: intermediate

START DATE: June 26th, mon + wed, 6-9PM


COST $850 


With the proliferation of location data and the power it has to influence everything from marketing to hardware, the need for quality map-based interfaces has never been higher. Use LeafletJS, the most popular JavaScript mapping library, to create elegant interfaces that utilize a wealth of geo data to create powerful tools and visualizations.

The course focuses on interactive mapping for the web and introduces fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Topics include geospatial data and analysis, desktop GIS and cartography, interactive web mapping and geovisualization.

Who should take this course?

The ideal student for this course loves translating data into useful applications. You should also have a passion for maps and the kind of information they can articulate. Successful students will understand the unique characteristics of spatial data and be able to make visually compelling maps, both static or on the web.

How do I know Iā€™m Ready?

You should be confident with JavaScript and external libraries. You should also be familiar with GIS data and aware some of the tools in its ecosystem (PostGIS, QGIS, Leaflet, CartdoDB, Mapbox).