Open Team Roles

five products, one platform. 

Since the beginning, Hack Oregon has chosen five themes and assembled mulitdisciplinary teams to build unique data projects on each theme.  It's tradition that we celebrate the end the season with a live public demo event, with an audience vote for favorite team project.  


This tradition will stay the same, however, over years of work and many iterations, we've learned the benefit of upholding strong standardization across projects.  We've put a ton of work into streamlining our technology stack, skills training, and team methodology, and the result is a custom open source platform that serves our needs to build reliable, large-scale, integrated data systems with massive volunteer input. 

The CIVIC platform includes a robust data warehousing system, deployment and maintenance operations, reusable component architecture for visualizations, style guide and UI, and guidelines for open data standards. 

To achieve our goals, volunteer roles are structured and we begin the season with a work plan that matches our capacity and deliverable cycle.

Although every team requires a unique blend of skills and people-power, there are always roles for contributors at all levels.  You don't need to know how to code to help a data project come to life.  We value drive, commitment, and enthusiasm and support our volunteers with training and a network of professional mentors. 

To learn more about team roles, browse the list below.

How to Volunteer

If it's your first time

Get in the volunteer hopper!   We recommend that you browse through descriptions of open roles and submit your application.  If your skills and interests are a match for a team, we'll give you a call for a brief phone interview. If you're new to Hack Oregon, final candidates will participate in an in-person interview. 


If you are a returning volunteer, or have previously applied

You're the best! Let us know what team or role you're interested in, and we'll will give you a call.  

Don't worry, it's really quick.


Don't see a role you're a fit for?  

No problem, the best thing to do is fill out an application anyhow.  We're responsive to changing needs throughout the season, and we're always keeping an eye out for extra support.  If you're really fired up, have a unique vision, or special skill set, you can pitch yourself directly to the Executive Director.


Team roles are sorted into three main categories:

Platform Team

The platform team are systems thinkers with experience in the delivery environment of a software development cycle.  This is a small cohort who will make critical decisions about standards and set the North Star for the CIVIC platform.  These roles are not specific to any particular theme, because their work affects every team.  

Commitment + TimelinE

5-10 hours per week Jan-June 2018. 

Roles for Platform Team:

  • CiVIC Product Owner

  • Product Designer

  • Dev Ops Engineer

  • Platform Front-end Developer

  • Data Governance Engineer

Theme Teams

Every season Hack Oregon has five "theme teams" that participate in multi-disciplinary collaboration from conception to delivery of a data-driven product.  These are individuals who will lead the creative direction of their projects at the core, are are willing to undergo the gritty task of wrestling with tough data issues and (sometimes) challenging subject matter to discover and convey the heart of their team's story.

Although each team undergoes it's own creative process, each project shares components and standards across the CIVIC platform.  It might be helpful to think of CIVIC as a platform containing multiple web applications. 

Commitment + Timeline:

10 hours per week Jan-April.  

Roles for Theme Teams

  • EXECUTIVE Producer

  • Product Manager

  • Data Manager

  • Database Developer

  • Data Scientist 

  • Data Scientist w/ Machine Learning Specialty

  • Data Scientist w/ Geospatial Analytics Specialty

  • UX/UI Designer


  • Subject Matter Researcher

  • Subject Matter expert

Production Team

Production roles are not organized primarily by theme, instead they are more closely aligned by technology and skillset.  Members of the production team work together like an internal agency to produce a variety of elements shared across the platform (visualizations, maps, APIs).  It's possible a member of the production team will enjoy working closely with a specific theme, or prefer working on multiple themes during the sprint cycle. 

Commitment + Timeline: 

Less than 5 hours per week Jan- March.  10 hours per week March-June.

  • Front End Engineer

  • Data Visualization Developer

  • API Developer