Would Hack Again



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The data visualization class was a fascinating and fast-paced deep dive into modern visualization techniques with an emphasis on getting your hands dirty and coding right away. The instructor was knowledgeable and helpful, and I couldn’t recommend it more.
— Danny Hendrix, Data Viz Class
Hack U classes are awesome because they’re as specific or as interdisciplinary as each student wants them to be. Yeah, I learned how to make cool D3 visualizations, but also I learned to consider UX and data storytelling so that those visualizations are actually useful.
— Veronica Alley, Data Viz Class
Hack University DevOps was a wonderful addition to my understanding of the world of DevOps. It allowed me to solidify the concepts that I’m always discussing at work and to use tools indepthly that I only get to briefly interact with on the job. It was both fun and informative and I’d definitely take a class like that again.
— Grace Andrews, Dev Ops Class

Participating in the Hack U Project Management course was an amazing, insightful experience. The class was a great combination of readings, discussion, and projects to which I could actively apply the concepts I was learning. I’ve found it super applicable to my job and have gained a ton of new ideas and tools for running more efficient, effective projects at work.
— Sara Rasmussen, Project Management Class
The Hack University Machine Learning Course was a mix of expert level instruction and hands on experience using some of the most current machine learning techniques. We had a very passionate instructor who was able to break down complex concepts and help us apply them to the personal projects we worked on throughout the class.
— Zak Kent, Machine Learning Class
The data science class got me set up with all the tools I needed to wrangle real-world data. Heidi, the instructor, was super knowledgeable and helpful in working through any obstacles I came across, from development environment setup to making my data do backflips.
— Nicole Anderson, Data Science Class
The Database Engineering course was accessible, comprehensive and fun! I was worried as a relative newcomer to the world of “Big Data” that Hack U would be over my head—- but I was able to learn a new skill in a relaxed and welcoming learning environment.
— Aurelia Moran, Database Engineering Class
After Hack University’s Web Development course, I was able to fluently apply bleeding-edge technologies to an open-data project that really mattered, all while meeting and working alongside some of the smartest people I’ve ever met. If you’re self-motivated, there is no more certain way to up your tech skills than taking a course with HackU and working with a Hack Oregon product team. A++, would hack again.
— Danny Cairns, React Web Development Class
“Our UX instructor was a very inclusive and engaging speaker who tailored the coursework to suit each of our interests and technical abilities. I have come away with a thorough framework on how to apply design thinking to real world scenarios.”
— Jennifer Trezza, User Experience Design Class
The Hack U Cartography course was an adventure in map making that took us from tracking down spatial data to GIS techniques and putting it all together in a web map. I loved the collaborative learning environment and the support of both the instructor and fellow students.
— Megan Holtorf, Cartography Class
Hack University’s product management course is a fast paced and multi-faceted challenge. Not for the faint of heart, but an incredible experience.
— Chris Lu, Product Management Class
Hack University’s Machine Learning class was a highly practical, slightly esoteric dive into a wide range of complex problems and their solutions, all taught with (re)usable Python code. As a mid-career professional, I found that the quality and diversity of topics, instructors, and especially classmates made this class uniquely valuable as a complement to more traditional learning approaches.
— Lindsay Mico, Machine Learning Class
Hack University helped me understand the design work that is a part of product development, which expanded my perspective of the development process and helped broaden my professional skill set.
— Nina Showell, User Experience Class
I found the Hack Oregon Web Development class to be very challenging and rewarding. The instructor was knowledgeable, professional, and accessible. The class has made me a better developer by leaps and bounds.
— Trace Harris, React Web Development Class