Summer Term 1 Courses

Coming June 2017


Summer Term Dates: June 26th - August 22nd (1 week break 7/24-7/28)


Python II

LEVEL: Intermediate

START DATE: June 26th, Mon + Wed, 6-9pm


COST $850



This course will focus on using Python to manipulate and gather data, connect to databases, and build APIs using the Django REST Framework. There will nightly lectures with hands on examples, as well as weekly code challenges that are completed in small rotating groups. Students will also build a final project that uses the skills they’ve learned to make a RESTful API which will expose data gathered during the course.


An Ideal student has a basic understanding Python, commonly used data structures, and can write basic Python programs with what they currently know. A desire to learn and the willingness to share that struggle with other students is also very important.

How do I know I’m Ready?

You should be able to write simple Python programs and be comfortable with a wide variety of methods in the core python API.

Do I have the technology?

Python 3, Pip, and Virtualenv will be used throughout the course.