Summer Courses

Coming June 2017


Summer Term Dates: June 26th - August 22nd (1 week break 7/24-7/28)


Python Foundations

LEVEL: Entry 

START DATE: June 26TH, Mon + wed, 6-9PM


COST $850


In this class, we will cover the basics of computer programming with the Python programming language.  We’ll cover how a computer parses and executes the code we write, how to structure our code so it is easily understood by the machine and other programmers, and how to break down complex problems into smaller ones - the first step to solving any coding problem.  While the previous skills are transferrable to any programming language, we’ll be using Python.  In doing so, we’ll familiarize ourselves with the most common Python features and gain a feel for writing idiomatic, ‘pythonic’ code that follows best practices.  Class time will be split between lectures, readings, and hands-on programming challenges that students attempt individually and in pairs.  The course will culminate in students coding a board game from scratch.  By the end of this course, you will be able to read and write code, build your own fully functional python programs, and analyze an existing codebase for modification or simply to gain a deeper understanding.


The ideal student for this course is a tinkerer and a builder. You should enjoy pulling things apart in order to understand how they work. Having a strong desire to build elegant systems is essential, as is the patience to work with them while they’re still under construction. Python is primarily used to build the engines behind powerful applications and automation scripts, so if you enjoy building strong infrastructure and core functionality, this course might be a good fit for you.

How do I know I’m Ready?

No prior technological experience is required. Concepts and vocabulary will be introduced throughout the class to establish a solid foundation that is requisite for more advanced courses. Programming is a challenging endeavor and a very foreign thought process - especially when first getting started.

Do I have the technology?

In class, we’ll make use of the following technologies (available on all operating systems).

  • python3

  • git
  • Terminal/Command Prompt

  • Code Editor (the instructor will be using VSCode in class)

  • Web Browser (Google is our friend!)