Production Team

Production roles are not organized primarily by theme, instead they are more closely aligned by technology and skillset.  Members of the production team work together like an internal agency to produce a variety of elements shared across the platform (visualizations, maps, APIs).  It's possible a member of the production team will enjoy working closely with a specific theme, or prefer working on multiple themes during the sprint cycle. 

Front-end Developer

Not to exceed 15 roles

Client facing, ui web application and component development.  Our stack uses JavaScript frameworks and libraries like React.js, Redux, Jest, Lerna.js, Webpack, node.js, npm, and css modules.

Data Visualization Developer

Not to exceed 20 roles

Works with the front-end and design team to develop interactive data visualizations using JavaScript libraries like D3.js and React.js compatible, Recharts.js.

API Developer

Not to exceed 15 roles

Develops and documents open apis using the Python based Django Rest Framework and Swagger.