Platform Team

The platform team are systems thinkers with experience in the delivery environment of a software development cycle.  This is a small cohort who will make critical decisions about standards and set the North Star for the CIVIC platform.  These roles are not specific to any particular theme, because their work affects every team.

Civic Product Owner

We're looking for a passionate and committed product owner for the duration of the season.  

The Civic platform’s key stakeholder, responsible for clearly communicating a product vision and motivating the team toward a united goal.  The Civic Product Owner is responsible for the cohesive delivery of the Civic platform, vetting and implementing standards for design, technical architecture, and management across themes and project verticals.  

Product Designer

3 open roles

Produces the next iteration of the CIVIC platform and style guide.  Will make key decisions on user experience, site navigation, interactivity, design elements that will provide a framework for UX designers in production.   Responsible for communicating high level decisions to team designers and developers.

Platform Front-end Developer

7 open roles

Improves and iterates the front-end architecture development of the CIVIC platform in conjunction with the Product Design group, communicating changes and issues to the projects’ front-end teams.  Must have a strong grasp of JavaScript and understanding of the React.js library.

DevOps Engineer

5 open roles

Continuous integration development and deployment pipeline monitoring using aws, ec2/ecs, docker, travis ci, S3, and ansible.  Communication with project management and development teams.

Data Governance Engineer

7-10 open roles 

Help to codify standards for data types that are shared across all teams’ projects.  Anticipate scalability and relational opportunities for a network of data sources and nationwide contributors.    Document best practices for data handling, publishing, and indexing resources so that all contributors may share resources