Sprint with us!

We're in a rapid development sprint from now until our Demo Day on June 21st.  There are two ways that you can jump in and build with us throughout May. 


Hack Oregon Buildathon |  Sunday, May 6th 2018 | 10am-6pm

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To help ensure the most productive work day, you must fill out an application to participate in the Buildathon.  Submit your information and we’ll reach out to match you with a team, role, and onboarding partner.

What is the Buildathon?

Believe it or not, Hack Oregon doesn’t really do a lot of Hackathons.  We form specialized teams to build software and open data stories on important themes in the public interest,  while working and iterating incrementally over months to create a product.

The “Buildathon” is the one day where we open up our project teams for guest contributors that want to be part of the magic and build something amazing, but might not have the time to participate in our months-long project season.

What’s the goal?

The Buildathon is a production sprint to create data stories for the upcoming launch of our CIVIC Platform.  We’ve laid the groundwork to do research, visualizations, and data storytelling quickly, and we need your help to bring our projects to the next level.  Be prepared to make friends and be an instant part of our Hack Oregon family!

How can I get involved?

By joining our sprint, you’ll be placed with a team that needs extra hands on deck in your particular skill set.  We’re working toward a big public Demo Day in June, where you can proudly present alongside your team.


Team T-shirt

All-day food

Visibility on Demo Day

Profound Glory

Here’s a list of the technical and creative skills our teams are looking for:

  • Front End Developers with experience in React and Redux

  • Data Visualization experts

  • Cartographers

  • Geospatial analysts, engineers, and architects

  • Experienced Data Scientists with comfort in Python tools

  • Data Scientists with advanced Machine Learning skills

  • Database Architects and Programmers with experience in PostgreSQL

  • Developers with experience building APIs in Django

  • Documentarians

  • Experienced DevOps Engineers

  • Visual Designers

  • Illustrators

  • UI/UX

  • Graphic Designers

  • Photographers

  • Researchers (with interest in policy)

  • Domain experts in subject matter relating to this year’s themes

Mozilla Global Sprint

PDX MOzilla Headquarters | Thursday May 10th - Friday May 11th


Sprint for a Healthy Internet

We're excited to join forces with Mozilla to bring our teamwork to their Global Hackathon Sprint. Mozilla is bringing together a global community of scientists, educators, artists, engineers, students and others to work on projects that make the internet a better place—from board games to promote online privacy to apps for sharing research data to coding languages for artists. 

We'll have special opportunities to collaborate on our CIVIC Platform story collection, including technical and non-technical support at all skill levels.  There will be lots of food, caffeine, and camaraderie for the full two-day event.  If you have a job that supports volunteer hours during your work schedule, this is perfect because both Hack Oregon and the Mozilla Foundation are 501 c3 nonprofits. 

No need to apply, you can RSVP and save your spot with us.