The New Season Begins!

Building a civic data network, from sea to shining sea. 


This year we selected themes that represent essential elements of equitable, resilient communities.  

As with many of our projects, a ton of data already exists on these themes.  However, much of the information available isn't accessible for computation analysis and is siloed by default.  While each of these themes create a unique call to action, are rich with discovery potential, and justify an individual lens of focus, they are all vitally interdependent aspects neighborhood systems.  This is true in Portland, and this is true in every city in America. 

In tech-speak, that means all share cornerstones of literal data infrastructure.  Join us for an landmark season as we showcase the power of open data and set the standard for integration across the nation on our CIVIC platform

New Project Themes 

Disaster Resilience

Transportation Systems

Housing Affordabilty

Local Elections

Neighborhood Development

By the people, for the people.

We're building open source, data-driven systems to address big civic issues.  

From topics like hunger, minimum wage, and emergency response, many of Hack Oregon's projects have had a direct impact on policy and bipartisan decision making in Oregon.  By building open source tools, supporting our volunteer workforce with advanced training, and thinking about data in creative ways, we're able to approach complex information challenges and reveal critical insight cities need. 

The tech we've built is scalable, the volunteer roles are teachable, the process is reproducible.  

open source is powerful, and so are you.


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