Let the season begin!

- New Project themes -

Disaster Resilience

Transportation Systems

Housing Affordabilty

Local Elections

Urban Development


Don't see a role you're a fit for?  

No problem.  We're responsive to changing needs throughout the season, and we're always keeping an eye out for extra support.   There's a lot you can do to be a part of a data project and support our teams, even if you don't know how to code.  

Leave your name in the volunteer hopper and tell us a bit about yourself.  We'll be in touch when we have a role that meets your skills and interest level. 

Just FYI

All Hack Oregon projects are open source, built entirely by teams of volunteers. 

Although each of our projects require a slightly different blend of talents and resources, our teams are always interdisciplinary and always have roles for people at all levels of experience.  We have a rich network of mentors and expert contributors, and we assemble specialized teams by matching skills each person wants to contribute with the skill they want to challenge and build.   

Together we tackle tough information problems in our civic infrastructure--- and because we operate free of bureaucratic, client-based, or venture funded restrictions, we can move fast and innovate faster.   

It's not always easy, but we think it's pretty worth it.