Summer Term 1 Courses

Coming June 2017


Summer Term Dates: June 26th - August 22nd (1 week break 7/24-7/28)


JavaScript Foundations

LEVEL: Entry

START DATE: June 26th, Mon + Wed, 6-9PM


COST $850


This course will be a deep-dive into the ins and outs of JavaScript. We won't be learning any frameworks in this course, instead looking at the concepts of the language itself.

We’ll start by reviewing the basics. In the process we’ll get used to working with JavaScript both in the browser and the command line. Next, we’ll dive deep into some advanced JavaScript concepts that many people skip over, but you’ll need to understand in order to be a proficient JavaScript developer.

After that, we’ll spend the rest of the class learning some tools and concepts you’ll need in order to write programs for the internet, collaborate with other programmers, and approach your own tasks. We’ll learn about REST, APIs, asynchronous JavaScript, and design patterns. We will go beyond the basic sync abilities of Git, and learn to use Git and Github as collaborative workflow tools for developing software with other people. Finally, we will take a look at the iterative process and how to think about debugging.

As we work through these concepts, we will reinforce our learning through examples, exercises, and projects.

Who should take this course?

The ideal student for this course is a tinkerer and a builder. You should enjoy pulling things apart in order to understand how they work. Having a strong desire to build elegant systems is essential, as is the patience to work with them while they’re still under construction. JavaScript is primarily used to build the interfaces that the user ultimately sees and interacts with, so if you enjoy building quality interfaces, this course might be a good fit for you.

How do I know I’m Ready?

To be ready for this class you should know the basics of programming and JavaScript (variables, objects, functions, types, etc). You should also have experience building small projects using either front or back-end JavaScript (or another programming language). Even if you know the basics conceptually, without some prior programming/JavaScript practice under your belt you may struggle with the pace of this course.

Knowledge of basic HTML, CSS, Node, and Git are recommended and helpful, though prior students have done well in this course without knowing them beforehand.

Do I have the technology?

You will need an internet-capable laptop. Everything we will do can be done in a cloud IDE like Cloud9, or done locally on a Mac/Linux computer with a text editor, terminal, and Node.