Summer Term 1 Courses

Coming June 2017


Summer Term Dates: June 26th - August 22nd (1 week break 7/24-7/28)


Infographic design

LEVEL: intermediate

START DATE: June 27th, tues + thur, 6-9PM


COST $850 


Your data is only as good as your ability to understand and communicate it. Selecting the right visualizations can be tricky. This course will explore how to find the story in your data and will introduce tools and resources to visualize it.

Who should take this course?

The ideal student for this course is concerned with visual storytelling. Infographics are a powerful medium through which to convey ideas, insights, statistics, and more. Interest in human behavior and thinking also plays a large role in anticipating the interpretation of your designs.

How do I know I’m Ready?

You should have working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and be able to efficiently crank out simple designs and sketches into usable vector graphics. You’ve hopefully wrestled with some data in a storytelling format before and thought on how to convey its findings in a visual way.