Civic Product Owner

The Civic platform’s key stakeholder, responsible for clearly communicating a product vision and motivating the team toward a united goal.  The Civic Product Owner is responsible for the cohesive delivery of the Civic platform, vetting and implementing standards for design, technical architecture, and management across themes and project verticals.  




Is the strategic development lead for a theme, or project vertical. This role will include driving and maintaining scope of work with local and national stakeholders, vetting challenge statements within the technical and time capacity of civic project teams, and working directly with teams to align vision, outcome, and overall impact of the end deliverable.


Project Manager

Oversees and helps facilitate projects work, deadlines, and milestones.  Needs a basic understanding of a software development life cycle and familiarity with agile, scrum, or kanban methodologies.


DevOps Engineer

Continuous integration development and deployment pipeline monitoring using aws, ec2/ecs, docker, travis ci, S3, and ansible.  Communication with project management and development teams.


Data Governance Engineer

Help to codify standards for data types that are shared across all teams’ projects.  Anticipate scalability and relational opportunities for a network of data sources and nationwide contributors.    Document best practices for data handling, publishing, and indexing resources so that all contributors may share resources




Data Manager

Acquisition, cleaning, and preparing data for analysis.  Documentation of data context, sources, and other pertinent information.



Data Scientist

Data discovery, analysis, and modeling.  Communication and documentation of findings, context, and information to the team in developing data products.  We use tools like Python and Jupyter notebooks



Data Scientist with Machine Learning Specialty

Our Data Scientist role with a focus on predictive modeling and analysis, deep learning, neural nets, natural language processing, and other methodologies.  


Data Scientist with Geospatial Analytics Specialty

Our Data Scientist role with a focus on spatial analysis, modeling, and cartography.  Communicates and standardizes methodology to the team to help with design and development of interactive web maps and apis.  


Database Developer

Designs and deploys data table structures and queries on which open APIs will be developed using Postgres.


Database Developer with Geospatial Data Specialty

Structures and deploys databases with a focus on queries dealing with geometric space such as polygons, lines, and points for API development.  We use tools like PostGIS.


Subject Matter Expert

Provides context and subject matter knowledge to help the team in understanding how to develop and design their data projects.

Subject Researcher

Researches project subject matter, conducts interviews, and conveys and documents findings to the team and public.


UX/UI Designer

Develops wireframes, designs user interface and flow; creates user stories, personas, and prototypes; conducts user testing and communicates design decisions with the team.


Product Designer

Produces the next iteration of the CIVIC platform and style guide.  Will make key decisions on user experience, site navigation, interactivity, design elements that will provide a framework for UX designers in production.   Responsible for communicating high level decisions to team designers and developers.


Visual Designer

Designs custom static elements, and styles dynamic components including color and elegant spacing for the multiple browser views


Front-end Developer

Client facing, ui web application and component development.  Our stack uses JavaScript frameworks and libraries like React.js, Redux, Jest, Lerna.js, Webpack, node.js, npm, and css modules.


API Developer

Develops and documents open apis using the Python based Django Rest Framework and Swagger.  


Data Visualization Developer

Works with the front-end and design team to develop interactive data visualizations using JavaScript libraries like D3.js and React.js compatible, Recharts.js.

Data content developer

Creates compelling web content and data storytelling to convey data research, findings, and context, making analysis and visualizations clear and understandable.


Platform Front-end Developer

Improves and iterates the front-end architecture development of the CIVIC platform in conjunction with the Product Designer, communicating changes and issues to the projects’ front-end teams.  Must have a strong grasp of JavaScript and understanding of the React.js library.