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Design Engineering Courses


Design Thinking with Data

Instructor: Adrienne Tilley + Guest Series

DATE: july 19th


Tues+Thurs 6-9PM

COST: $250


Let's face it, data is not an inherently user-friendly medium.  

But it is powerful.

The question is, how do you wield that power?

What happens to data when is crosses the chasm from analysis to impact?  How can small building blocks of information resonate with a broader narrative?  How can you design for this effect when you don't know what the data is going to say?

Who should take it?

This is a great course for both technical, non-technical folks, right and left-brainers alike. 

It's compelling enough for professional designers and art directors, and can also be a great cliff dive for the beginner.

Participants will gain

  • Fundamentals of a Design Thinking approach, with a special application toward data

  • A framework for how to balance data-driven vs user-driven approaches to interactive data stories

  • Practical (and emotional) tools to begin to practice the repeatable alchemy of powerful data storytelling.


Information Design and Aesthetics 

Instructor: Adrienne Tilley + Guests



Tues+THurs, 6-9PM

Cost: $650




This is an introductory design class considering data as a material for visual art.

Who should take it?

  • Designers wanting to focus on information design
  • Developers wanting to branch out to achieve design competencies
  • Anyone who is fascinated and motived to create with data 

Applicants will need to have beginner proficiency with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Participants will gain

  • Theory: graph grammar, hierarchies, patterns, relationships in data structures
  • Composition: the role of scale, proportion, color, form structure, motion
  • Experience creating posters and print design
  • Iterative production experience



User Experience Design

Returning Fall 2016

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