Anti-Burn Out Brunch Series



TIME COMMITMENT:  4 Sundays, 11Am-1:30PM

COST: $250, Brunches Included


Even though the theme says recreational, this is a workshop series all about understanding and preventing the very real phenomenon of professional burnout. 

Sessions are led by Evan Dumas, a Mental Health Therapist specializing in burnout and compassion fatigue. We'll have a catered brunch in a private setting, and make new friends while building our own personalized, practical toolkit to support sustainable work practices and a healthy work/life balance.  

Who should take it? 

Everyone is welcome, although the workshop will have a special focus on the digital age, and careers in technology. 

Space is limited for a better group experience. 

PArticipants will gain a greater understanding of:

  • Stress reduction and resiliency 
  • How to do self-care when you don't have any time
  • How to create and hold healthy boundaries
  • How to practice mindfulness when you're bad at practicing
  • How to feel a sense of efficacy when you don't
  • How to talk about these things with friends and coworkers
  • Neurobiology of stress and how to learn from it
  • Decision fatigue and how to prevent it and recover from it