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Advanced Courses




start DATE: October 10th


Mon+Wed 6-9PM                            

COST: $2450


Students will learn to make strategic decisions about how to design and build the front and back end of an open data system that is scalable, extensible, and usable to others. This course is designed to be immersed in Hack Oregon's project season, and will be tasked with communicating, soliciting feedback, and iterating with other project developers.

Who should take this course?

This is an advanced course designed for professionals with back end web development, api development, dev ops, open source development process, and/or web frameworks experience.   We will not be covering the basics, but will be looking to iteratively define Hack Oregon’s processes and technologies toward a scalable open data architecture.

Main Tools and Technology in Hack Oregon's stack

  • Ansible
  • Vagrant
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • Django
  • Pandas
  • React



Strategic Product Design

Instructor: Ryan Gantz + Nim Wunnan

Start DATE: October 10th


Mon+Wed 6-9pm

COST: $1995



This season, Hack Oregon is partnered with the City of Portland and Civic Apps to reimagine the concept of a living, real time, open data portal.  That means we're not spinning up five different domains for all five projects this year--- we're designing a platform!  

Then we're really going to build it. 

Hack Oregon's challenge this season is to build story collections around our different themes, while maintaining the continuity of a connected system to access and explore data.  Not only are we breaking ground by building APIs and making much of this data available for analysis for the first time, we're also making it visual and interactive--- so you don't have to be a data scientist to understand what it all means. 

Who should take this course?

The concept, branding, and vision for this new platform will be guided through Strategic Product Design course, where all the students will stay with Hack Oregon projects as design leads for through our Demo Day in March. If you're a designer who is looking for an opportunity to be at the heart of a massive creative sprint with real world impact, this class is an experience that you won't find anywhere else . 

How do I know I'm ready?

We're looking for a range of creative talent, and you don't need to be a traditional visual or UX designer to contribute positively to this process. However, this course does have very limited space, and we will be conducting interviews to determine our final candidates.

Apply now and we'll talk to you soon!

Dev Ops

Instructor: TBD

Start DATE: January 10th


Tues+Thurs 6-9pm

COST: $850



As you might imagine, Hack Oregon has a universe of distributed systems and product releases, and we need a great crew that knows how to manage and maintain seamless deployment.  

We'll teach you the art of building and maintaining the infrastructure powering dynamic websites,  with a particular focus on developing scalable software and systems architecture to solve real world problems.  Students will gain direct, hands on experience inside the Hack Oregon Dev Ops team during our active production sprint and participate in the deployment of season projects.

Topics covered include basic network and AWS VPC architecture, Automating AWS deployments with configuration management, software install with CM tools, self-healing application stack design, and Dockerizing existing projects.

Tech Used

Hack Oregon operational stack includes AWS, Ansible, Docker and Vagrant. Applications are written in Python and NodeJs using Django and React.

Who should take it:

You don’t necessarily need to be senior engineer or long time IT admin to qualify, but we’re classifying this course at an advanced level given the pace, pressure, and hands on sink-or-swim ethos of a production sprint and high pressure launch date.  

  • If you survive, you’ll have earned your keys to the Kingdom of Delivery where you'll be praised as a god among us.  Not to mention, Dev Ops is a much needed industry position with great starting salaries.