About Hack Oregon

Hack Oregon is a rapid prototyping lab in Portland Oregon, taking a creative approach to data projects that bring insight to complex issues in the public interest.  We're a nonprofit, our teams are made of volunteers, and all the work we do is open source.

On June 21st, 2018 Hack Oregon launched the CIVIC Platform to reimagine how to make information actionable through visual models, open standards, and creative frameworks that harness human collaboration at scale. 

To support the CIVIC Platform, Hack Oregon is expanding to become the CIVIC Software Foundation, a nationally focused organization working in partnership with cities, companies, and people all over the country to help bring new data to life on CIVIC.  Please stay tuned while we update our website and are able to share more about our new programming.

If you live in Oregon, we're accepting applications for people interested in upcoming training or joining a volunteer team for the next iteration of CIVIC stories.