By the people, for the people.

We're building open source, data driven software to address big civic issues in oregon.  

Our work is non-Partisan and our projects are made by volunteer teams of developers, designers, domain experts, and government leadership working together.  

here's what a few of our elected representatives have to say.   

Anyone can be a volunteer and help bring public data to life. 

If you don't have the skills today, we'll teach you.  

Let's be honest, building software is an advanced activity.  In order for us to achieve our mission and create meaningful projects, we need a large community with of volunteers with advanced skills. We offer applied, specialized training in our production environment so you can get up to speed quickly, start contributing to projects, or level up to find your next job/promotion. 

It's entirely competency focused, and let by our best experts working in the field.

The fall term begins September 25th. 

Ready to Volunteer?

During the height of our season, Hack Oregon swells to a pop-up company of several hundred volunteers working and training in our space every night of the week.   

Many of our volunteer roles are non-coding related!  Submit your application to our volunteer hopper and we'll keep you up to date on public events or give you a call when we have a specific team role that matches your abilities and interest.

During the months of August -October, we're actively reviewing applications and interviewing team leadership for our Fall Season.

Donate to Hack Oregon!

You are the best!

Grassroots donations are important to keep our work independent and unbiased.

If you like what we're building, buy a pizza for volunteers. 

If you use our data products, maybe help us pay the hosting bill this month?

We can't do it without you, and we love you.