Get Ready!

It may seem like we’ve been pretty quiet lately, but behind the scenes a lot is happening.  We're working to make the CIVIC Platform better everyday, while building partnerships, gathering data, and preparing themes for an incredible new set of projects. 

We can honestly say, we’re more excited for this season than any Hack Oregon season EVER. Stay tuned for announcements, and in the meantime, here’s a few things you can do to be involved.

Build with Us

Applications to join our Portland ground team are live. Full project descriptions will be available soon, but it’s always a good idea to submit an application early and get a jump-start on the interview process.

partner with us

Our teams work with a variety of collaborators across government, industry, and academia to approach complex data challenges in the public interest.

Support Our Work

Grassroots donations are important to keep our work independent and unbiased. We’re a non-profit and your gift is tax-deductible.


Show 👏 Me 👏The 👏Data

Hack Oregon doesn’t just build apps, we build systems. Check out all of last season’s projects or access the data directly in our CIVIC Platform.