A night of open data and open revelry.

Join us as we unveil a radical new open data portal for Portland:

Built by the people, for the people.

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Inside Our Data Lair

There's still time to get involved before demo DAy


Build Skills


To build great open data software for Oregon, we need a large community with of volunteers with advanced skills.  We offer applied, specialized training in our production environment so you can get up to speed quickly, start contributing to projects, or level up to find your next job/promotion. 


Project Season

It's sprint time! Junior spots are currently full, if you have advanced  experience in Databases, Reactjs, Data Science with Python, or Infographic Design, we are looking for extra hands on deck during the month of April.

Feel free to apply and we'll talk soon. If you're a junior, you can still apply and get in the hopper early for next season. 

New courses start in June. Applications open March 15. 

Last Season's Projects

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